In an interview is where you will need to demonstrate that you are seriously looking forward to the job, and you have to be willing to take the job immediately, there should be no hesitation in try to get a job.

Job Application Questions

Honestly is always the best policy. Honestly explaining a criminal matter during an interview may have less of a negative repercussion than covering it up and having an employer discovering it later. It is a fact that if an employer discovers an applicant was dishonest, the denial of a job could be based upon a lack of honesty, regardless of the nature of the offense.

Another thing that employers use against Deferred Adjudication is the FCRA which was amended in 1996. However, Congress passed the `Consumer Reporting Employment Clarification Act of 1998' and it was signed into law by the President on November 2, 1998. It specifically, strikes FCRA Section 605(a)(5), thus removing the limitation on the look-back period for criminal conviction histories. There is no more seven years law. This would have been an automatic relief given to people who had deferred adjudication.

The following are questions that you may encounter on a job application.

  1. Have you ever pled nolo contendere or pled guilty to a crime, which is a felony or a misdemeanor (including, but not limited to such offenses as DUI, battery, theft, writing worthless checks, etc.) Yes or No
    This question asked if you have pled Nolo Contendere.
    Please Remember that in order to get DA you had to enter a plea of Nolo Contendere. So to correctly answer the question you would need to answer yes
  2. Have you ever had the adjudication of guilt withheld to a crime, which is a felony or a misdemeanor (including, but not limited to such offenses as DUI, battery, theft, writing worthless checks, etc. Yes or No
    This Question Asked if you have ever had the adjudication of guilt withheld, and it truth all people who have deferred adjudication have had their adjudication of guilt withheld. You would have to answer yes
  3. Have you ever been convicted of a crime (Other than a traffic related), including Felony or Misdemeanor? DWI is not traffic related. Yes or No
    You would have to answerer No because a Deferred Adjudication is not a conviction for a crime.


Blow offs

This section will demonstrate how to counteract blow offs. There are many common phrases used when trying to blow a person off.

  1. Interviewer: We will give you a call. Thanks for coming by.
    Applicant: Can I expect that call on Monday or Tuesday, or should I call you back?
  2. Interviewer: We will keep your Resume on file. 
    Applicant: When can I should I come back and reapply?
  3. Interviewer: You are overqualified for this Job.
    Applicant: That is correct, but I feel that I can bring all of my skills into this job position. I would be very satisfied by the position.
The 4 worst words to use

Never use the phrase “I want a job”

  1. Interviewer: Why are you applying with us today?
    Applicant: I feel that I can bring my skills to bear on any position that you have.